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Dirtbag Journalism’s Last Days



On January 28th, Dirtbag Journalism comes to an end. But don’t worry my darlings, I’m gearing up for a new adventure. DIAMOND A/T/L/A/S is a new music blog I’ll be running starting next Friday. Music news, interviews, photo’s, mixes and all that other good stuff. I’ll also be doing some music PR stuff for new bands and booking a few awesome showcases in the spring/summer.  Stay tuned for more info. Keep reading Dirtbag Journalism until this baby launches. I’d like to thank all these people for being really awesome and inspiring me to make this next step :

Anne Donahue, Melissa Kim, Renee Crawford(Mama), Mikey Apples, Jeremy Glen, Brian Smiley, Little Girls, Embrace(Ewan and Stephen), Dave Sutton(Stadiums And Shrines), Desire 3000, Tim Monoghan, The Spill Magazine, Tell All Your Friends PR, Force Field PR, Teen Daze, Foxes In Fiction, You.Look.Deathly, Jaime Sin, Jordaan Mason,Tara Fillion, Southern Souls(Mitch Fillion), RUINS, Emmanuel Doucet(Delicious Scopitone/Grizzz’ly), Twin Shadow, Jordan Bimm, Eric Brockman, James Burling, Michelle Grady, Actual Water, Erin Pea, Daina Little , and all the lovely bands, bloggers, PR nerds, and new friends I met during CMJ last year.

Yeah, the list is pretty long. Love everyone on this list and anyone I may have forgotten.



Posted by : Max Mohenu