Dirtbag Journalism

The End Of The Road. Rest In Peace Dirtbag Journalism(December 2009-January 2011)



Hello Everyone

DIAMOND A/T/L/A/S is ready to go as of Tuesday, so this is the end of the road for Dirtbag J. Thanks to everyone who read this blog, gave awesome feedback, and contributed with their writing and awesome music taste. Shout out to Melissa Kim for her breaking piece on James Blake. It’s one of my favorites. More shout outs :

Stadiums And Shrines, Foxes In Fiction, Anne Donahue(aka Bea Arthur 2012), Force Field PR, Tell All Your Friends PR, Pitch Perfect PR, Eric Brockman, Mitch Fillion, and everyone else who supported. You guys are the cats pajamas(as they say)

This site will stay up for anyone who wants to read all of the old stuff. Here is where you can find me now(I’ll start posting on Monday or Tuesday) :



Final Post By : Max Mohenu