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Dirtbag Debut : Usher ft. Will.I.Am – OMG

1 Apr

Mixed feelings on this one for sure. Raymond Vs. Raymond is in stores now

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Dirtbag Debut : Usher ft. Nicki Minaj – Little Freak

26 Mar

This was actually worth the wait. Nicki Minaj wins for best hair and insane facial expressions.

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Ushers Next Video, Little Freak

8 Feb

A few weeks ago; Usher released the video for the first single off Raymond Vs Raymond called Hey Daddy(Daddy’s Home). It looks like the next single is going to be Little Freak, which features hip hop’s newest bad girl, Nicki Minaj. Could you imagine how insane this video is going to be ? Usher is single and ready to play and all he wants you to do is put your hand down a chicks pants. Produced by Pollow Da Don and written by Ester Dean; the song has become an overnight hit.  Considering it’s not even the official next single yet; the song has really garnered a lot of attention from Pitchfork and has reached number 39 on the Hot R&B/Hip Hop charts. Needless to say if Usher decides to drop Little Freak as the next single; it’ll be one of the stupidest/amazing videos of 2010. Until this all goes down, check out a video of Ms. Nicki Minaj doing a very sexy photoshoot.

P.S She has a pretty good fake British accent

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Usher’s New Record Raymond Vs Raymond Official Release Date

28 Jan

The Usher news just keeps coming and coming. MTV just released a statement from Ushers people about the official release date for Raymond Vs Raymond. Originally scheduled for December 2009, then February 16th and just recently March 2nd; the official release for the album is now March 30th, 2010. The album has already spawned a few hit singles. The world premiere of the video for the current single, Hey Daddy(Daddy’s Home) is today at 6p.m. The single is produced by up and coming production duo, The Runners and it’s burning up the charts.Usher may be making a comeback and it’s amazing!

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Usher’s New Video Sneak Peek

27 Jan

All the hype surrounding Usher’s forthcoming album, Raymond Vs Raymond is enough to make you want to believe that it’s going to be awesome, but we can totally see why one would doubt themselves if they actually thought that. The video for the next single, Hey Daddy seems promising though. It feels like a 2010 version of hits like My Way or Confessions II, but it differently takes a different direction than most of his other work. As of right now, Raymond Vs Raymond has been pushed back to March 2nd, 2010. This video drops officially in about two weeks.

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